If JATOS runs locally it's usually not necessary to change the defaults. On a server, you probably will want to set up the IP and port, or use a different database and change the path of the study assets root folder.
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Restart JATOS after making any changes to the configuration (loader.sh restart)

IP / domain and port

By default JATOS uses the address and port 9000. There are two ways to configure the host name or IP address and the port:

  1. In loader.sh change the values of ‘address’ and ‘port’ according to your IP address or domain name and port.

  2. Via command-line arguments -Dhttp.address and -Dhttp.port, e.g. with the following command you’d start JATOS with IP and port 80

    loader.sh start -Dhttp.address= -Dhttp.port=80

Study assets root path

By default the study assets root folder (where all your study’s HTML, JavaScript files etc. are stored) is located within JATOS installation’s folder in study_assets_root. There are three ways to change this path:

  1. Via the command-line argument -DJATOS_STUDY_ASSETS_ROOT_PATH, e.g.

    loader.sh start -DJATOS_STUDY_ASSETS_ROOT_PATH="/path/to/my/assets/root/folder"
  2. Via conf/production.conf: change jatos.studyAssetsRootPath

  3. Via the environment variable JATOS_STUDY_ASSETS_ROOT_PATH, e.g. the following export adds it to the env variables:

    export JATOS_STUDY_ASSETS_ROOT_PATH="/path/to/my/assets/root/folder"


By default JATOS uses an embedded H2 database, but it can be easily configured to work with an external H2 or a MySQL database.

You can confirm that JATOS is accessing the correct database by looking in the logs. One of the lines after JATOS starts should look like this (with your JDBC URL).

19:03:42.000 [info] - p.a.d.DefaultDBApi - Database [default] connected at jdbc:mysql://localhost/jatos?characterEncoding=UTF-8

JATOS requires MySQL >= 5.5 or H2 >= 1.4.192 (prior versions might work - I just never tested)

Note: We tried JATOS extensively with the H2 database. It’s reliable and doesn’t have some issues that do exist with MySQL databases such as this one.

There are three ways to set up the database.

  1. Via command-line arguments:
    • -DJATOS_DB_URL - specifies the JDBC URL to the database
    • -DJATOS_DB_USERNAME and -DJATOS_DB_PASSWORD - set username and password
    • -DJATOS_DB_DRIVER - can be either org.h2.Driver or com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
    • -DJATOS_JPA - can be either h2PersistenceUnit or mysqlPersistenceUnit

    E.g. to connect to a MySQL database running on and a table named ‘jatos’ use:

    loader.sh start -DJATOS_DB_URL='jdbc:mysql://' -DJATOS_DB_USERNAME=sa -DJATOS_DB_PASSWORD=sa -DJATOS_JPA=mysqlPersistenceUnit -DJATOS_DB_DRIVER=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
  2. Via production.conf (description analog to 1.)

  3. Via environment variables (description analog to 1.)

    E.g. to set all database environment variables for a MySQL database and table called ‘jatos’ you could use a command (change the values):

    export JATOS_DB_URL='jdbc:mysql://localhost/jatos?characterEncoding=UTF-8' JATOS_DB_USERNAME='jatosuser' JATOS_DB_PASSWORD='mypassword' JATOS_DB_DRIVER=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver JATOS_JPA=mysqlPersistenceUnit