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With JATOS 2 you can run group studies. JATOS is versatile and supports fixed, two-user studies (like this Prisoner’s Dilemma) or open, multi-user studies (like this Snake game), and everything in between.

Interested? Try one of our pre-made example studies

The easiest way to get started is trying out some pre-made examples. For this, you’ll have to run a group study as two different workers.

So you could:

  1. Download the Snake game
  2. Get a link for the first worker: Snake game -> Batch Manager -> Default batch -> Worker Setup -> Personal Multiple worker and ‘Add’ a new one. In the confirmation press ‘Run’ to start the study.
  3. Get the link for the second worker: in a second browser tab (or window), go to Worker Setup in the same Default batch and create a new Personal Multiple worker. Press ‘Run’ to start the study.
  4. In both browser tabs, click through the introduction until you arrive in the waiting room. Click ‘Join’ and then ‘Ready’.
  5. Voilà! You’ll see two snakes moving around: your own and the one from the other worker.

Further reading about group studies: