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On this page is additional information in how to install JATOS on a server in Amazon’s Web Services. All general installation advice is in JATOS on a server and applies here too.

  1. First you need to register at AWS (Amazon Web Services) (they’ll want your credit card).
  2. In AWS webpage move to EC2 and launch a new instance with Ubuntu (you can use other Linux too - I tested it with Ubuntu 14.04)
  3. During the creation of the new EC2 instance you will be ask whether you want to create a key pair. Do so. Download the file with the key (a *.pem file). Store it in a safe place - with this key you will access your server.
  4. Login via SSH: ssh -i /path/to/your/pem_key_file ubuntu@xx.xx.xx.xx (Use your instance’s IP address: In AWS / EC2 / Instances / Description are two IPs ‘Private IP’ and ‘Public IP’. Use the public one.)
  5. Get the latest JATOS bundled with Java (exchange x.x.x with the version you want) wget https://github.com/JATOS/JATOS/releases/download/vx.x.x/jatos-x.x.x-linux_java.zip
  6. unzip jatos-x.x.x-linux_java.zip (You probably have to install ‘unzip’ first with sudo apt-get install unzip.)
  7. Configure IP and port in jatos.sh: Use the ‘Private IP’ from your instance description (the one that starts with 172.x.x.x) and port 80
  8. (Optional) make JATOS auto-start
  9. Change JATOS’ admin password